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Welcome to the Marine Cadets of Massachusetts, we are a 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt non-profit youth organization dedicated to the communities of Fall River and surrounding areas. 

The primary purpose of our organization is to get young men and women ages 12-17 off the street and active with their lives.  As mostly Marines and other military members, instructors take their knowledge, training and experience to teach teens valuable life lessons.

Civilian staff along with our military staff also serve as mentors in guiding youth in the right direction in life.

Those who are ages 12-17 who are interested should click here for more information!

                    Cadets before the 2010 Veterans Day Parade in Fall River, MA

                       Cadets after a community clean up event on Wood street in Fall River


Legal Disclaimer:  All photographs of cadets on this website that depict cadets in Marine Corp Pattern (MARPAT) uniform or Dress Blues are old photographs.  We have recently adopted the older style woodland camouflage utilities as our work uniform and Blue Dress Delta's, Blue Dress  Charlie's and Service Alpha uniforms for ceremonies and events.  All uniforms resembling the Marine Corps have our organizations patch attached to the left sleeve.  Our woodland camouflage utility uniform also has a name tape above the right breast pocket reading "Marine Cadets" and also includes a patch on the left sleeve.  In another effort to differentiate our cadets from Marines we have chosen to attach rank insignia on the sleeve of dress uniforms and place insignia on the collar of each uniform.  We have also adopted the insignia including the Lamp of Learning emblem in place of cross rifles. 

The Marine Cadets of Massachusetts, Inc. is in no way associated or affiliated with the United States Marine Corps, Department of Defense, or any other state or government agency.

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